Our Aircraft

Unlimited Aerobatic Aircraft

Specifically designed to exceed the capabilities of existing aerobatic aircraft on the market by combining light weight composite structures with high output performance. The RA-2 completed initial flight testing in December 2012 at Sebastian Airfield under the command of Sergei Boriak, one of the most notable aerobatic trainers and performers in the world.

RA2 Acrobatic Aircraft - Rud Aero

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RA-3 Aerobatic Trainer

A derivative of the RA-2, this side-by-side trainer focuses on entry level aerobatic training and improved cross country performance

  • First flight and tested September 2013


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RA-4 High Wing Multipurpose Aircraft

Intended for unimproved surfaces, the RA-4 is a true 4 seat aircraft designed to optimize cruise and climb speeds while reducing stall and landing speeds

  • Cruise Speed 150knts
  • Landing Speed 55knts
  • Launch date TBD

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RA-6 Javelin Jet Trainer

High speed jet trainer designed to satisfy a jet trainer role
  • Revisions to Javelin are underway to reduce the overall weight and improve the performance of the aircraft
  • Redesign the tail section to include a single vertical stabilizer
  • Move internal engines to external mounts
  • Launch date TBDjavelinfixedLearn More About our RA-6