RA-3 Side by Side Aerobatic


Derived from the proven unlimited aerobatic RA-2 aircraft, the RA-3 is a side-by-side rather than tandem with a nose wheel instead of a tail wheel.  While the RA-3’s design is optimized for primary flight training and comfortable economical cross-country travel, it is also fully aerobatic.  The RA-3 offers a rugged and lightweight carbon fiber airframe designed to +/-8G with a 2x safety factor.   Equipped with a Lycoming IO 360, the RA-3’s max speed is 163 kts with a sea level rate of climb of 1961 ft./min.  Its useful load is 700 lbs.

Certification,Kit Built
Construction,All Carbon Fiber
Engine,180 hp Lycoming IO 360
Propeller,MT 3-Bladed Constant Speed
Avionics ,(2)10” Dynon Skyview
Landing gear,Fixed Tricycle Castoring
Canopy jettison,Available
Length,22 ft
Wing span, 24 ft
Cabin height (max), 42 in
Cabin width (max), 46 in
Empty weight, 1189 lbs
Max Gross Weight, 1890 lbs
Useful load, 701 lbs
Baggage, 50lbs
Fuel, 44 gal


Max cruise (full power SL), 163 kts
Normal cruise (75% power 8000 ft MSL), 135 kts
Stall speed (gross wt landing config), 50 kts
Best rate of climb (SL), 1961 ft/min
Load limits (SF 2),+/-8 Gs

Ra-3 Kit Prices

Airframe Kit                (only available with airframe builder assist Level I)


  1. All composite parts required for airframe construction.
  2. All hardware required for airframe systems including nuts, bolts, cables, hinges, bearings, bell cranks, tubing, castings, etc.
  3. Locking gull wing canopy doors and windows
  4. Struts, wheels, brakes and tires.
  5. Flight control systems.
  6. Fuel system
  7. Navigation lights
  8. Engine mount
  9. Documentation: Instruction manuals, drawings.

Does not include:

  1. Engine, accessories and propeller
  2. Avionics, instruments and instrument panel
  3. Interior trim and seat cushions

Firewall Forward Kit

Includes Lycoming IO 360 engine, MT 3-bladed constant speed propeller, inverted oil system, and all required components forward of the firewall required to run the motor.

Avionics Kit

Includes (2) 10” Dynon Skyview avionics system including, GPS,  ADHARS, EMS, Class 1 Mode S Transponder, VHF COM, Intercom, backup battery, G-meter, back up airspeed, backup altimeter, magnetic compass, ELT, vertical power, overhead switch panel, and custom wiring harness.

RA-3 Build assist

Estimated Lead time                          120 days

Airframe Level I (1week)


  1. Wing sub assembly (all spars and ribs bonded to top skin)
  2. Empennage sub assembly (all spars and ribs bonded to skin)
  3. Fuselage sub assembly. (all bulkheads, stringers, and spar box, bonded to bottom fuselage section)
  4. Landing gear installed
  5. Motor mount installed
  6. Hinges installed on horizontal / elevator.
  7. Hinges installed on aileron
  8. Hinges installed on flaps

Not included:

  1. Engine
  2. Avionics
  3. Paint
  4. Interior
  5. Fuel tank sealant / fuel system installation
  6. Brake system installation
  7. Yaw, pitch, roll, and flap control installation
  8. Flap installation
  9. Elevator trim tab installation
  10. Firewall FWD installation
  11. Electrical installation
  12. Doors / window installation
  13. Fairing Installation
  14. Inspection hatch Installation

Estimated Assembly Hours Remaining after Level I builder assist: 750 hrs

Airframe Level II (3 weeks)


  1. Airframe Level 1
  2. Complete airframe assembly minus engine and avionics.

Not included:

  1. Engine
  2. Avionics
  3. Paint
  4. Interior

Estimated Assembly Hours Remaining: 300 hours

Firewall forward

Assistance with construction and installation of firewall forward kit.

Instrument Panel

Assistance with construction and installation of avionics kit.

Total Price with Build Assist (ready to fly)           

(not including interior and exterior paint and trim)



Total with Interior and Paint