RA-4 Multipurpose High-wing Aircraft


The RA-4, a four place high wing trainer/cruiser is Rud Aero’s latest design.  Optimized for private, commercial and instrument flight training and comfortable economical cross-country travel, the RA-4 offers best in class performance and comfort at an affordable price.  Sleek all carbon fiber construction makes the RA-4 the strongest airplane in its class while significantly reducing its empty weight and drag.  The resulting performance, range and useful load are comparable to six-cylinder engine airplanes with four-cylinder engine economy.  The RA-4’s clean airframe and elliptical wing offer high cruise speeds while significantly reducing the landing and stall speeds. The rugged airframe and oversized wheels allow access to even the most intimidating short field unimproved landing strips.  The RA-4’s extra wide cabin provides for an optional five-seat configuration that can transport a team on a business trip or an entire family on a weekend getaway.  Equipped with a Lycoming IO 360, the RA-4’s max speed is 154 kts with a sea level rate of climb of 1390 ft./min. Its useful load is 1095 lbs. The RA-4 is intended to be initially certified in the Primary Category under FAR Part 21.24.  It will eventually be certified in the Normal and Utility Categories under FAR Part 23. The RA-4 is expected to fly in fall 2013 and will be available in kit form in early 2014.


Construction,All carbon fiber,All carbon fiber,All carbon fiber
Engine,180 hp Lycoming IO 360,310 hp Lycoming IO 540,310 hp Lycoming IO 540
Propeller,MT 3-bladed constant speed,MT 3-bladed constant speed,MT 3-bladed constant speed
Avionics ,TBD,TBD,TBD
Landing gear,Fixed Tricycle steerable nose wheel,Fixed Tricycle steerable nose wheel, Retractable Gear
Length,27.4 ft,27.4 ft,27.4 ft
Wing span, 39 ft,39 ft,39 ft
Cabin height (max), 48 in,48 in,48 in
Cabin width (max), 46.5 in,46.5 in,46.5 in
Empty weight, 1400 lbs,1600 lbs,1800 lbs
Max Gross Weight, 2495 lbs,3100 lbs,3200 lbs
Useful load, 1095 lbs,1500 lbs,1500 lbs
Baggage, 120 lbs,120 lbs,120 lbs
Fuel, 300 lbs,600 lbs,600 lbs


,180H hp/fixed gear,310 hp/fixed gear,310 hp/retract
Max cruise (full power SL), 154 kts,185 kts,196 kts
Cruise (85% power/7500 ft),143 kts, 173 kts, 185 kts
Cruise (75% power/12500 ft),130 kts, 160 kts, 172 kts
Stall speed (gross wt landing config), 44 kts,49 kts,49 kts
Best rate of climb (SL), 1390 ft/min,2063 ft/min,2111 ft/min
Take-off distance (gross wt), 700 ft, 695 ft, 747 ft
Landing distance (gross wt), 1139 ft, 1414 ft, 1460 ft
Range, 898 nm, 1068 nm, 1177 nm
Load limits (SF 2),+4.4/-2 Gs,+4.4/-2 Gs,+4.4/-2 Gs

Basic Airframe Kit


1) All composite parts required for airframe construction.
2) All hardware required for airframe systems including nuts and bolts, cables, hinges, bearings, bell cranks, tubing, castings, etc.
3) Windshield and windows.
4) Struts, wheels, brakes and tires.
5) All flight control systems.
6) Seats.
7) Navigation lights
8) Documentation: Instruction manuals, drawings.

Does not include:

1) Engine system hardware.
2) Engine, accessories and propeller
3) Engine mount
4) Avionics, instruments and instrument panel
5) Interior trim


Firewall Forward Kit

Includes Lycoming IO 360 engine, MT 3-bladed constant speed propeller and all required components forward of the firewall.

Instrument Panel Kit



Assistance with complete construction of the airframe aft of the firewall except for interior and exterior paint and trim.

Firewall forward

Assistance with complete construction and installation of all required components forward of the firewall for Lycoming IO 360 engine and MT 3-bladed constant speed propeller.

Instrument Panel

Assistance with complete construction of instrument panels in both.