RA-6 Multipurpose Jet Aircraft



•Low Operating and Life-Cycle Costs
•Supportable, interoperable, affordable, adaptable
•Low Pilot Workload
•Stage 3+ noise complaint (quiet)
•Low emissions
•Martin-Baker Mk-16LN Ejection Seats
•Heads Up Display
•Multi-mode radar, thermal and optical imaging systems, WMD sensor/sniffer.
•Weaponry: 7.62 mm mini-gun, Maverick
•Aerial observer, C2 position
•C4ISR (command control, communications, computers, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) integrated
• Tactical air-to-air training to develop the student pilot’s capability to maneuver against hostile forces while performing high-g
• Offensive and defensive tactics
• Simulated fire control radar training during interceptions and close engagements
• Cognitive skill development through training in simulated complex battlefield scenarios including representative threats and targets
• Ground instructor insertion of simulated airborne targets and surface to air threats
• Integral flight management system, VHF communication and navigation, Mode S transponder and dual redundant GPS receivers
• Four hard points on the wing and one on the fuselage for light attack combat operations

Dimensions, ,
Length,38.5 ft,38.5 ft
Wing span, 25 ft, 25ft
Height, 12.5 ft, 12.5 ft
Weights, ,
Empty weight, 3850 lbs, 4480 lbs
Max Gross Weight, 6930 lbs, 7890 lbs
Capacities, ,
Baggage, 100lbs,100lbs
Fuel, 2680 lbs, 2810 lbs

Ceiling,51000 ft,51000 ft
Max Cabin Pressure Diff., 5.5 psi,5.5 psi
Cruise Speed, Mach .82, Mach .86
Max cruise, Mach .88, Mach .93
Mach Dive, Mach .96, Mach .98
Stall speed (gross wt landing config), 90 KIAS, 90 KIAS
Rate of climb (250-275 KIAS), 7043 ft/min, 11068 ft/min
IFR Range (100 nm alt), 1250 nm, 1135 nm
IFR Range at Mach .88-93 (100 nm alt), 930 nm, 885 nm
Load limits,+6/-3 Gs,+6/-3 Gs